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Men's Dive Watches

Men's Dive Watch

Dive Watches:

  A diving watch is a watch specifically designed for the underwater environment of ocean suite diving, skin diving, and scuba diving. Specifically a dive watch must include the following features: a water resistance greater than 10 atmospheres, the equivalent of 100 meters (330 feet). The typical diver's watch will have a water resistance of around 200 - 300 meters (660 - 990 feet), though modern technology allows the creation of diving watches that can go much deeper.

  A true diver's watch is in accordance with ISO Standard #6425, which defines test standards and features for watches suitable for diving with underwater breathing apparatus in depths of 100 meters or more. Watches conforming to ISO 6425 are marked with the words: DIVER, or DIVER'S to distinguish diving watches from watches that do not meet the ISO standards applicable to actual scuba diving. If you are considering a true dive watch, you should insist on these markings.




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